About Griffing

About Griffing - CNC metal machining
  • Founding


    The founding of the company took place in the 1970s, when Andrej Češarek established a metal turning workshop in his garage. In the beginning, he worked on his own, but slowly started to build a team. Through the years, the small workshop was perfecting its machining practice and 20 years ago expanded its production to door fittings for front doors, thus becoming a modern machining company with approximately 50 employees.

  • The foundation of Griffing d.o.o.


    In 2010, Andrej Češarek passed the technical leadership to his son Urban Češarek, who is an engineer. That same year, he and his wife Nataša Češarek founded the Griffing company, thus continuing the tradition of a family-owned business.

  • From a small workshop to a renowned expert


    Through all of these years, Griffing has continued CNC machining and the production of turned and milled parts for the needs of the pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering and automotive industries. The company keeps growing through continuous improvements and visionary thinking. By investing in technology, optimisation, modernisation, and a professional attitude, the Griffing’s customer network expanded and its development grew. Better machines and the engineering knowledge of a highly-trained team contribute to its competitive edge in metal working and the production of door fittings. Griffing is renowned in the market as an expert, known for technological excellence, and strives for perfection.

  • Expert in turning, milling and customised production


    Today, Griffing is a specialist in the production of turned and milled workpieces. Turning is carried out on state-of-the-art lathes with driven tools, ensuring fast and high quality workpiece machining. We ensure a product that is perfectly matched to the customer’s specifications through a high-tech process of 3- and 4-axis CNC milling, drilling and engraving by advanced CAD/CAM equipment. We also offer customised production, by which the client presents an idea and we develop a product that meets their needs and market requirements.

  • A trusted company


    Griffing is a member of the Slovenian Business Club and has been listed as a successful and trustworthy company in an analysis by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and the rating agency Coface Slovenia. The Excellent SME certificate is further proof of business excellence, and the Bisnode rating house has listed Griffing among the top companies with a AAA rating. The company is continuously working, maintaining, and advancing its quality assurance system according to the international standard ISO 9001.