Customers who trust us come from the automotive, pharmaceutical, engineering, robotics and fire protection industries.

These are industries where high level precision and quality are required.

Our customers appreciate timely deliveries, a fair business relationship, meeting deadlines and other agreements, and they trust us because of our knowledge of machining technology and technological sophistication. They know they can rely on us.

»We have been working successfully with Griffing for many years. They help us supply smaller elements in the field of powering our drive solutions with in-wheel solutions.«

Niko VestovšekElaphe

»I have been working with Griffing for several years as a co-operator. In all the years we have worked together, we have never had a single problem with the quality of the products, and the production time is always as agreed. Their communication, helpfulness, friendliness and knowledge are at a professional level. Keep up the good work.«

Leon LovšinA-D-F Impex